What is the difference between Miracast and WiDi?

Before scrutiny each these technologies (Miracast dongle VS Intel Widi Dongle) to every different, we are going to take a short check up on them singly.

What is WiDi?

Wireless show (Widi) is a technology developed by Intel that allows users to stream music, movies, photos, videos, and applications while not being wired from a compatible PC to compatible high definition television or through the utilization of an adapter with different HDTVs or monitors.

What is Miracast?

Miracast may be a streaming protocol that lets users mirror content from their Android mobile devices or Windows PCs to their TV screens. sadly, Miracast-compatible receivers are often fickle. We’ve had the most effective results with the $70 Actiontec ScreenBeam professional Wireless show Receiver.

WiDi Vs Miracast

What is the difference between Miracast and WiDi

Difference Between Miracast and WiDi

The Miracast supports the newest Windows operational Systems, Android 4.2+ OS, Mac OS, UNIX Distributions, recreation consoles like Xbox One, etc. To use any of the media, either Miracast or WiDi, you would like a selected receiver device to use it.

The WiDi technology compresses and transmits the information through the channels by exploitation the software package and hardware functionalities of the device over a WiDi direct affiliation. whereas the Miracast may be a normal created for the wireless connectors and receivers like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs, monitors, projectors, etc. to mirror the screen of little devices on the larger mediums.


So, what’s better? once the Miracast introduction and therefore the support the WiDi applications began to offer to the Miracast technology, the WiDi was out of print for promoting and developing once 2015. It thinks, once scrutiny these 2 wireless platforms for repeating your smaller screen content on the larger displays, the Miracast is that the best choice to Screen Mirroring your Windows 10.

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