How to Check Miracast Support on Windows 10 PC

How to Check Miracast Support on Windows 10 PC

You may recognize that the Miracast is a complicated certification commonplace supported the wireless technology that helps to mirror the contents of your smaller devices on the larger screens. Miracast helps you to duplicate the show of your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and alternative devices onto the pc monitors, HDTVs, projectors, and the other device that’s compatible with Miracast.

Does Windows ten Support Miracast?

If you’ve got purchased a brand new laptop computer or computer, then largely it comes with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 software. And if you’ve got associate degree older Windows system, then additionally I’m positive that you simply have upgraded it to 1 of those latest Windows OS unless you continue to like to add Windows aspect or Windows seven platform. So, supported this assumption, I’ll show you the ways in which to ascertain will Windows 10 support Miracast or not.

In short answer, Miracast will support Windows 10 software. this is often by default in new systems, however, if you upgraded your older Windows OS to the Windows 10, then you must check the compatibility before you purchase the Miracast electronic device for screen mirroring.

How to check your Windows computer supports Miracast or Not?

Method-1: exploitation System Settings

To check the compatibility of Miracast on Windows 10 computer, you’ll be able to take facilitate of the settings app on your system.

How to Check Miracast Support on Windows 10 PC

  • Press Windows + S key and kind ‘Settings.’
  • Open the Windows Settings app once prompted.

How to Check Miracast Support on Windows 10 PC

  • Click on the ‘System’ menu.

How to Check Miracast Support on Windows 10 PC

  • search for the ‘Multiple Display’ section. If you’ll be able to see ‘Connect to a wireless display’ possibility there, it suggests that your system is compatible with the Miracast technology.

Method-2: exploitation Diagnostic Tool

If you continue to have confusion that will Windows 10 support Miracast or not, then you’ll be able to ensure it exploitation DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Follow the steps below to induce the solution of ‘does my computer support Miracast or not.

  • After that Press the Windows key + R so that the Run box opens.

How to Check Miracast Support on Windows 10 PC

  • Type ‘dxdiag’ and click on the Ok button
  • A popup window of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool can open. In that, select the choice of ‘Save all info.’

How to Check Miracast Support on Windows 10 PC

  • Choose the destination folder on your system and so click on the ‘Save’ button.

How to Check Miracast Support on Windows 10 PC

  • After that, find the file wherever you hold on it and open it with a pad.
  • Under the ‘Display Devices’ section, search for the Miracast. you’ll be able to additionally press Ctrl + F to search out a Miracast location within the file.
  • you may see the text like ‘Miracast: out there, with HDCP’ if your Windows 10 computer supports Miracast.

How to Check Miracast Support on Windows 10 PC

What to try to if Your computer doesn’t support Miracast?

In the dxdiag file, if you see a message like ‘Miracast: Not Supported by WiFi driver’ then it suggests that your Windows ten computer isn’t compatible with Miracast. In such a case, you must visit the official web site of your WiFi manufacturer wherever you’ll be able to notice and install the most recent compatible drivers.

Even if your computer supports Miracast however the drivers’ area unit obsolete then additionally you’ll have to be compelled to update them to relish screen mirroring of your device. Intel Driver Update Utility Tool may be a useful application to update the system drivers.

Also, there area unit some brands United Nations agency manufacture USB dongles to allow you to use the Miracast technology although your Windows eight or Windows seven computer doesn’t support Miracast.

If your device that you’re projected isn’t supporting Miracast, then you’ll be able to get a Miracast Wireless display adaptor for TV and build the communication doable between compatible devices.


Miracast may be a useful and illustrious screen mirroring technology that enables you to relish the content of your smaller devices on the larger screens. you’ll not have to be compelled to sit around the TV for managing the USB cable connections to attach 2 devices. Also, the Miracast affiliation uses WPA2 security secret writing protocol which suggests your content is protected over the wireless network.

Hope this guide can assist you to ascertain the Miracast compatibility on your Windows ten computer. If you recognize the other fast methodology to check this or have any queries & suggestions, then visit the comment section below and share your thoughts with the globe.

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